A Single Neuron is more Powerful than the Fatest Supercomputer

A pattern is a program, a pattern of instructions to convert an input state to a desirable output state. You all know about versatile computer programs which do wonders in your day to day life. Like this material what you are reading is entered, edited, and presented using a computer program.

Have you thought of the computer which is reading this material, understanding it, analyzing it, making a decision about its usefulness, and then taking action to enroll and attend this event? Have you thought of how powerful and versatile your this BMI computer is? Though you are carrying it from your birth, you are inconspicuous about it and have taken it granted. You rather use it casually without knowing and making use of its powerful features. 

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How this computer works? Again through a number of programs loaded into it. Is n't it? These programs are loaded into your BMI system either genetically, socially, or academically. Sometimes you accidentally create a program yourself but without your knowing it.

Unfortunately most of these in dwelling programs are either incomplete, defective, or virus infected. That is why they give undesirable and inconsistent results. A virus is a malicious program which changes the original pattern of instructions to produce very undesirable and destructive results. But you feel helpless as you don't know how to have access to your programs and fix them.

Sometimes you get an insight as if out of blue, a magical solution to a persisting problem. But such solutions are rare and you don't have any control on receiving it. Sometimes you wonder a particular friend of yours has the knack of solving a particular set of problems effectively and consistently which you can't. You take it granted. You rationalize thinking that you are a pawn in the hands of some invisible destiny.

Every input situation triggers one of these indwelling patterns and produces results inconsistent and unpredictable. You can register for a free webinar , We will learn to reprogram these patterns or model patterns of successful people so that we can get optimum results consistently. We will learn how to fix the defects, eliminate virus, and immunize our programs against fresh attack of virus. We will also learn how to load proven patterns from the 'Akashic Record'.
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