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We all set goals, especially new year goals. We pursue them earnestly, but for how long? Till the New Year eve hangover is over. We make resolutions now and then to break it. Our success rate of breaking resolutions and dropping goals is 100%. Is n't it?

Some of us even have learnt about SMART goals - Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely. Do they work? Are we right if we say -once in a blue moon? Why it is so?

Because the indwelling program which sets goals for specific results is at fault. The very idea of setting a goal has an in-built failure component. Our obsession with the result is so intense that we forget to enjoy our play. We overlook to be attentive of the program which leads to the result. Classical goal setting brings tension than learning and fun. We strive rather than enjoy.

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By re-patterning the 'GOAL'ing program and optimizing it, we can create magical outcomes unfailingly and consistently. In the process we can learn with a lot of fun and enjoyment. Have you ever played a game just for fun of it? Have you ever perused a difficult lesson just for enjoying it? Stories and metaphors are great teachers, is n't it? You had great time in your kindergarten than in the college, any doubts?

In this free webinar we will learn the distinction of a 'GOAL'ing and how to optimize this program by bringing a '+Extra' edge to the SMART 'GOAL'ing. We will learn how to design well formed outcomes - clear and congruent.

Outcome programming : GOAL'ing is specifying and designing the outcomes properly. Outcome programming is translating an outcome into an executable program and then executing it.

We will also learn a holistic technique of how to program outcomes. We will learn how to execute simple programs in our BMI. We will also learn how to submit it to the 'Web of Consciousness' for it to get executed by the Web Server in case it is a complex and interdependent outcome which needs assistance of other BMIs. It is like submitting a seed into the field for it to sprout, blossom, and fructify.

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