Pranayam--- Whole is more than the sum of its parts

We carry a crowd in each of us. We play different roles, a father, a teacher, an executive, a spouse, a cricket player, a club member, a student, a writer, a speaker all at the same time. We exhibit different personalities in different situations to different people. We wear different masks in different circumstances. Each one of us is irreparably fragmented. And all these fragments pull in different direction creating friction and tension in our lives.

There is great war of Mahabharata is going inside each of us. Is n't it?

Even the Universe we live in apparently looks like a multi-verse with no synergy, with no congruence, chaotic, and in utter disorder. There are warring Nations. There are religions fighting with each other. The so called Universe is fragmented in terms of caste, creed, color, sex, language, Nationality, and Religion.
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"Whole is more than the sum of its parts." It is not marginally more but infinitely more. Yoga wakes you up to that Wholeness, your true nature. Yoga is to come out of this illusion of duality and multiplicity. Yoga means union. Yoga brings the Unity Consciousness in you. That is what truly you are. Yoga brings that wholeness, completeness, and Oneness. Yoga brings synergy between your body, mind, and soul. It brings synergy among your multiple roles and goals.

Just ponder over this Koan, "Aham Bramhasmi - I am God."

We will learn to uplift ourselves into higher and higher dimensions of life by plenty of Yogic insights and techniques.

Prana is the life force. It energizes us. It animates us. It enlivens us. Our body will drop dead without pranic energy. It is a precious resource for us like time. How do we get a lot of Prana flow into us. How do we make best productive use of this energy to keep our body-mind equipment fit and healthy? How do we conserve and store this energy?

Is prana the air we breathe? Or air is just a carrier like wires carry electricity? Where from the breath originate? Where does it end? Is prana a bridge between you and the Universe? Again you can ponder on these Koans.

In this free webinar we will learn a lot of insights on prana and how to use it to keep our BMI equipment fit and functional. Please Goahead and register for free.

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