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You all know about Internet, the World Wide Web. You all have experienced the power of it. You can have access to any information you need from the web. Similarly you can webcast any information through the web to world wide audience. WWW has not only changed the way we do business but the way we live today. Can you anymore imagine a world without Internet?

Once your PC or Phone is connected to Internet, suddenly you find the world on the top of your lap or in your pocket. Extend this scenario to the magical computer (your BMI - Body, Mind, Intellect equipment) you are carrying with you. Once you know how to use it effectively, a new vista of power opens for you. And once you know how to program it, you get the key to design your life programs and make them work. To add to it just imagine what will happen when you are able to connect it to the 'Web of Consciousness' - the 'Akashic Record'. Then you start carrying the entire Universe in your small head. Is n't it?
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You all have used a TV. A small appliance in your drawing room can tune to any one of the hundreds of channels and properly reproduce the telecasted program. All these telecasts are spread over in the space around you without interfering with each other. But in order to access and reproduce a particular channel, you need to know how to tune to it.

Similarly your BMI is a sophisticated equipment which can transmit and receive information and knowledge to and from the Universe. The 'Akashic Record' is a store house or Web of all the knowledge that is ever known and also all the knowledge that is yet to be known. You need learn how to tune your BMI to this 'Web of Consciousness'. Then you become a walking encyclopedia, having access to answer to all you questions? In this free webinar program you will learn how to tune to this 'Web of Wisdom'. Please Go ahead and register for free
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