Very act of doing meditation brings you out of meditation

We all know about meditation. Some of us do it regularly. Is n't it the biggest fad of all ages, all generations? Take it from us - you can not know about meditation. Nor you can do it. We struggle and strive to learn and do meditation year after year. We keep on changing the techniques. We keep on changing the teachers. But our constant pursuit to be meditative remains unfulfilled.

The reason is the very act of doing meditation brings you out of meditation. The very act of knowing brings you out of meditation. Can you know state of sleep? The very pursuit of knowing about sleep wakes you up. Can you do efforts to sleep? The very efforts to sleep will keep you awake. Sleep happens. You create a serene environment   and stop all psychological and physical actions like knowing and doing then sleep automatically happens.

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But you can use a powerful technique called dynamic sleep to lead you to sleep. It creates a state where sleep takes over. The technique is like this. Take up any mundane repetitive task like counting down. Lie down and in your mind count down 500, 499, on. If your mind gets distracted, lovingly bring it back to counting. Soon your mind will get fed up and drop the counting and sleep will take over.

Similarly trying to know or do mediation wakes you down. Go in front of a mirror and try to catch the nose of your shadow in the mirror. This exercise is absurd and futile. When you stop playing with shadows then meditation happens on its own. 

Dynamic meditations are powerful tools which you can use in your day to day common activities leading to meditation. When you chose any one thing and focus on knowing it exclusively, then the knower vanishes and meditation takes over and you enter a state of optimal experience called 'flow'. It leads to spontaneous discoveries. When you chose any act and are totally engrossed in doing it being oblivious to everything else, then the doer vanishes and meditation takes over. Sports people experience it and they describe this effortless state as state of 'zone'. Only the state of 'flow' or 'zone' is harbinger of excellence in discovery and performance.

In this free webinar we will learn a few dynamic meditations around common and useful activities like drinking, eating, walking and 'GOAL'ing. We will also learn a dynamic meditation of witnessing leading to a state less state of Universal Flow. Please go ahead and register for free
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