Paradigm shift

Do you know what a paradigm is? It is looking at a thing from a new angle, from a new direction, from a new height. Take an example of a glass half filled with water. Some of you will say it is half full. Some of you will say it is half empty. How about giving a new angle and say that it is half filled with water and the other half filled with air? If you bring paradigm of Molecular Physics, you can say water and air molecules are confined in side the glass, but most of the space inside it is still empty. With a paradigm of Quantum Physics, you can assert that the glass is embedded in a cloud of electrons filled by a quantum soup.

Strange but true, is n't it?

Paradigm shift means bringing a shift the way you see, think or act. You invest energy when you think or act. How to get maximum return out of this investment?
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Have you ever wondered whether you have control over your thoughts or your thoughts control you? More than 98% of thoughts that erupt are of little use or rather of distracting nature. Is n't it? Your mind is like a field full of unnecessary weeds. How about to make it a beautiful garden of your liking full of   plants with fragrant flowers and trees with delicious fruits?

Mostly we lead a life afflicted with 'Cart before the horse' syndrome. Won't you like to give charge to your horse to pull the cart rather than cart pulling the horse? Won't you like to drive the cart by having the reins? Or won't you like to be the owner cum driver of your horse cart rather than just the driver or just the owner?

Classical thinking is to solve problems in the symptom level. It becomes exponentially more effective to solve problems at causal and core level by Quantum thinking. For example you can feed a hungry person with a fish and take care of his one meal. Think if you can teach him how to fish, you can take care of his hunger through out his life. Extending still further, if you can coach him how to teach others to fish, you can take care of not only his life-time hunger but those of his family members, relatives, friends, and neighbors. See the leveraging of returns of your effort.  In this free webinar program you will learn how to tune to this Wisdom. Please Go ahead and register for free
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