Operating from present

There is a wise saying, "Past is a history, future is a mystery, and present is called 'Present' as it is really a gift." How true! Time is a precious commodity. But what is time? Do we know this commodity and how to make best effective use of it? Do we know how to make it immensely productive? Misunderstanding and misuse of time can be tense, whereas effective use of it can bring rich dividends.

Is time relative or constant?

What is difference between speeding and hurrying? How can we achieve our outcomes faster? How to know various rhythms and cycles and 'flow' with it? What is the difference between chronological and psychological time? What is ontological time? How to make use of these three dimensions of time to fulfill our desires spontaneously?

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Do you know that mostly we live in a world of fantasy, a world of illusion, away from reality? We live more of a stage life rather than real Life. We bet most of our life and energy in catching shadows and fighting with them. Have you ever thought, 'who you are?' 'Why have you come here to this Planet?' 'Where from you have come?' 'Where are you going?' 'What is the purpose of your Life?'

It is all mysterious. Is n't it? Is it not worth to peep into this mystery? May be there is a silver lining somewhere in this mass of dark cloud. Do you know that there is a God or Goddess lying dormant in the core of you waiting for your permission to wake up and express through 'You'? How do you permit 'It'?

In this free webinar We will explore all these life questions and learn from it to live an authentic life of joy, peace, and prosperity. Please go ahead and register

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Must read : Past is a history, future a mystery, and present is called 'Present' as it is really a gift
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